HR Consulting Services

Babylon Consulting, LLC dba Global HR Consulting was organized with the objective of providing a full range of cost effective talent acquisition services, financial and management consulting services with the intent of responding to the pressing need for a holistic, cost effective approach to identifying and managing risk to personnel, critical assets and infrastructure from the full range of threats encountered in today’s environment. The tragic events of September 11, 2001, and the more recent acceleration of domestic and international security as well as the increased risk of employee misappropriation resulting from today’s economic climate, have only validated and reinforced our beliefs for that need.

Babylon Consulting dba Global HR Consulting is ever diligent in recognizing that our customers’ facilities and information are only as secure as their professional staff and environment. We remain acutely aware of the constantly evolving requirements of the heightened security status of today’s Federal and local government institutions, as well as the stringent requirement for employees that have consistently demonstrated only the highest levels of integrity that occupy these facilities. We understand the demanding challenges associated with recruiting, training, deploying, and supporting personnel and are committed to providing cost-effective, user-friendly and highly effective systems to facilitate and streamline our clients’ hiring process. Our uniquely qualified staff has extensive experience in a broad array of investigative, evaluation and screening services; while ensuring consistent quality, service and value to all our customers.

Through its ownership interest in GHRSE, Babylon Consulting also provides the following suite of products to its customers:

  • Human Resources Consulting services, specializing in the evaluation of employee benefits packages and related service providers including unique analysis tool for evaluating PEO providers vs. purchasing benefits and payroll related services a-la-carte
  • Assistance with Requests for Proposals for employee benefits services. The Company maintains relationships with various providers to provide competitive benefit alternatives and proposals.
  • Electronic employment application.
  • Background investigations, domestically and internationally
  • Talent assessments
  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Substance abuse testing